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Somerset Mental Wellbeing service launched

A new service to support good mental health in Somerset is launched this week (Mon 15th Jan).

Somerset County Council is introducing the Somerset Mental Wellbeing Service (SMWS) in partnership with Compass Disability Services .

It will help people maintain and improve their mental wellbeing by developing support networks, increasing independence and helping them make use of support in their communities.

Wellbeing Navigators will assist people to achieve their own goals and help them develop skills and strategies to continue to manage their own wellbeing outside of the service.

Cabinet Member for Adult Social Care, Councillor David Huxtable is keen that the service is accessed by as many people as possible.

He said: “Mental Health and Wellbeing is one of today’s most pressing issues and this new service will provide tangible support network for our residents.

“We’ve worked closely with partners to develop the service and are doing the same to deliver it. I believe it will make a real difference to many lives”.

The service, which was created after a consultation identified a gap in what support is available, will operate across the county and will be delivered by Compass Disability, Mind in Taunton, West Somerset and South Somerset alongside the Chard Watch CIC.

It is open to any adult Somerset resident and the support will start with an initial assessment before progressing onto the creation of their own Wellbeing and Recovery plan.

Richard Pitman, CEO of Compass Disability is positive about the effect the service partners involved can bring to assisting those in need

“Bringing all of these agencies together under one umbrella will ultimately deliver a great service to our residents. By sharing resources and knowledge it allows a comprehensive offering which will form the backbone of creating achievable goals for the individuals who are supported”

Anyone who would like to use the service can refer themselves to the SMWS by calling 08123 255917 or by emailing

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