About Tone FM

Tone FM is a Community Radio Station which broadcasts to Taunton and the surrounding area on 107.8 FM. We are not on D.A.B. but you can listen to us online by clicking the Listen Now button at the top of this page OR by downloading the Radio Player app

Community radio stations generally broadcast to an area of approximately 5km radius from the transmitter location which explains why the signal disappears quite quickly the further away from the town centre you are.


The radio station is volunteer lead, which means we don’t employ full time staff as such, but those who are involved are very committed and work hard to juggle personal commitments in order to make sure the service we provide is as professional as possible.

This sometimes means that when there is a breaking news story, or some urgent travel news which needs to be shared, we may not be in a position to broadcast the information immediately as the building is not permanently manned.

Pre-Recorded Programming

It is our aim to deliver as much LIVE programming as possible however, due to how we operate as a Community Radio Station, this can sometimes be very difficult due to availability. For that reason, we have invested considerably on the best possible equipment and software to enable pre-recorded programmes to be made as quick and efficiently as possibly, but without losing any of the quality content.

We may not have the best resources in the world BUT our U.S.P is that we are 100% locally produced!




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