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Sabrina King

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ROLE AT TONE FM:  Presenter on Noughties Heaven

STUFF YOU LIKE DOING: Presenting 00’s Heaven! Spending time with friends and family in Taunton and back in Ireland, walks on the quantocks with my dog Betsy, going to gigs and the famous carnivals each year!

MOST EMBARRASSING MOMENT: When my family and I were on holidays in America there was a radio competition for a movie coming out, I think it was the longest yard…Anyways there was a competition to see who could “bunny hop” the fastest in a yard distance…I know BUNNY HOP! Luckily I won in record time, but the embarrassment will never leave (nor the photo evidence…)

3 People dead or alive you would most want at your dinner party.

1. Billy Connely – An absolute comedic legend and sure to bring lots of laughs and stories to the table.

2. Stephen Fry – Such a wise and wonderful man, how could you not want him there!? 

3. Christy Dignam from the Irish band Aslan – Christy would be the one to bring out the old tunes on the guitar and have a sing song all through the night!

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