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Brian Justice

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939 CuesheetBJ

ROLE AT TONE FM:  Presenter of the show Weird Scenes Inside the Goldmine.

STUFF YOU LIKE DOING: Always been a big music fan. Lucky enough to have worked in the industry for many years.Playing my kind of music on the radio is a total blast. Collect rock and pop memorabilia. Vinyl, CDs, posters, programmes, you name it. Supported Tottenham Hotspur football club for decades. Live music gigs. Like to check out car boot sales, auctions, charity shops. I do enjoy good rummage. Love movies. Travel. My two dogs. There are so much beautiful countryside in this area. Over the years written music based articles for various magazines. Consulted on music documentaries. Hosted numerous music quizzes. Enjoy competing in pub quizzes. Been on few TV quiz shows. Always on the lookout for compete on more

MOST EMBARRASSING MOMENT: Coming back from an evening black tie event I missed my train stop(where my car was) . It was very late and ended up sleeping in a station doorway in the early hours. No taxis available. Nowhere open. It was winter and before mobile phones and I just had this suit. It was freezing. I had to wait till the following morning to get the train back.

3 People dead or alive you would most want at your dinner party.

1. Peter Ustinov. The ultimate raconteur and a great mimic

2. Kenneth Williams. Again a wonderful story teller and so funny

3. Michele Obama I admire so much about her. She must have some great memories of being the “first lady”

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