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Becky Rolph

60 seconds with Becky Rolph... ROLE AT TONE FM:  Uploads the Listen Agains and online website stuff STUFF YOU LIKE DOING: I like crocheting and playing video games! MOST EMBARRASSING MOMENT: One time at work I thought someone was giving me [...]Read More
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Ashley Keal

60 seconds with Ashley Keal... ROLE AT TONE FM:  Presenter of A Brimfull of Asha STUFF YOU LIKE DOING: I am a member of Gemini Carnival Club, helping build their cart for the Somerset routes. I am also part of [...]Read More
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Jacqui Budd

60 seconds with Jacqui Budd... ROLE AT TONE FM:  Presenter of the Sunday Weekend Breakfast show STUFF YOU LIKE DOING: I am a massive gym bunny - the gym is a big part of my life. I go most days, [...]Read More
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Lynne O’Halloran

60 seconds with Lynne O'Halloran... ROLE AT TONE FM: Presenter STUFF YOU LIKE DOING: My main passion is cooking and eating...but once that is done I love visiting art galleries, museums and cathedrals! I am a newbie campervan owner so [...]Read More
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Andrea Maynard

60 seconds with Andrea Maynard... ROLE AT TONE FM: Presenter of new LGBTQIA+ Show to increase community support. STUFF YOU LIKE DOING: Listening to music of all genres but with a preference for indie artists especially from the LGBTQIA+ community, [...]Read More
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Charlotte Allan

60 seconds with Charlotte Allan... ROLE AT TONE FM: Social Media & Comms Manager STUFF YOU LIKE DOING: Love my small holding and all my animals. Films, TV and of course music, and radio. Absolutely love my career as a [...]Read More
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