Taunton Cycling group reveal Blackspots

Taunton Cycling group reveal Blackspots

A local cycling group has been surveying Taunton’s cycling blackspots which will then be presented to the local authorities to hopefully help make routes safer.

The Taunton Area Cycling Campaign (TACC) has identified 15 blackspots and a further 50 problem sites across the local network and roads.

The 15 identified areas are marked on the map provided by TACC.

They include the following locations,

  1. Station Rd
  2. Market House Cobbles
  3. Crossing the slip Rd, J25
  4. A38 Taunton to Wellington
  5. A358 Taunton to Bishop’s Lydeard
  6. Compass Hill
  7. Crescent roundabout
  8. Castle Street / Tangier
  9. O’bridge Viaduct
  10. Silk Mills to Longrun
  11. Subway at Leycroft Rd
  12. East Reach
  13. South Rd
  14. Canal Towpath
  15. Creech Castle

The issues identified range from poor maintenance of the cycle network, pot holes and driver behaviours on the roads.

cycle-hotspotsThe Group met recently outside the Market House with a hope to raise awareness that there is such a group and that they want to help improve the identified area’s.

Pip Sheard, of TACC commented: “We’ve got lots of really great feedback from our survey & our aim is to make the town safer, Taunton can be great for cyclists as it’s mostly flat.”

Lucy Workman, General Manager, On Your Bike says’ Taunton has a high proportion of people who live and work in the town. We have a good cycle network and fantastic local countryside but there are dangerous areas that need fixing and missing links. We are asking our Councils to make cycling safer, to reduce congestion and increase cycling around our beautiful town”


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