Prolific child sex offender sentenced to life

Drug dealers jailed for more than 50 years

Nineteen drug dealers from across Somerset have been jailed for a combined total of 53 years and four months.

It follows a nine-month long police investigation into the supply of Class A drugs in the county.

Among those jailed were Kyle Pike, 20, of Hopkins Street, Weston-Super-Mare and Lee Crawley, 48, of Lovers Walk, Weston-Super-Mare.

Pike was sentenced to six years and six months behind bars for four counts of supplying heroin and four counts of supplying cocaine in addition to the possession of a firearm while Crawley was given a three year and eight month prison term for four counts of supplying heroin.

In addition to those given immediate custodial sentences, seven other people were given suspended prison terms of up to two years while one woman received a two year community order.

All those sentenced were filmed selling drugs such as heroin and cocaine.

Warrants were later executed at properties in Chard, Cheddar, Crewkerne, Nailsea, Sherborne, Weston-super-Mare, Yatton and Yeovil.

Chief Superintendent Ian Wylie, the area commander for Somerset and North Somerset, said: “We are committed to tackling drug dealing and all the associated crime and anti-social behaviour that comes with it.

“People shouldn’t have to live in places where dealers freely sell their drugs on the streets, in parks or in areas where children play which is what was happening in a number of Somerset towns.

“We always listen to the concerns of our communities but it can take us some time to develop the intelligence we receive and people shouldn’t assume that because they don’t see immediate results, that it isn’t being acted upon.

“The complex nine-month long investigation which has resulted in these sentences is proof of this and has shown that we in Avon and Somerset are in no way a soft touch and will do everything we can to ensure our communities are safe and feel safe.

“I am pleased with the sentences handed down by the judge but I’d like to stress that our commitment to tackling drugs does not end here and we are in this for the long term.

“Local policing teams are making their presence known on the streets and are making them hostile to new dealers moving in, as well as ensuring those looking to buy drugs are put in touch with support services which can help them turn their lives around.”

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