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Saffron Harman

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ROLE AT TONE FM: Admin Assistant and Event Coordinator

STUFF YOU LIKE DOING:I enjoy cross stitching which I try and do every night. I collect artisan teddy bears and fountain pens and I am trying to learn different handwriting styles. I love playing video games with my all time favourite being Mario Galaxy. And most of all I love going for walks and visiting old manor houses and national trust sites with Technical Glenn

MOST EMBARRASSING MOMENT: My most embarrassing moment would probably be one of my primary school nativities. I was a shepherd and as soon as I walked onto the stage and saw my mum and nan I proceeded to yell at the top of my voice and say “hi mummy!!!’ And then, as if that wasn’t embarrassing enough, I then later said “Watch this bit coming up mummy this is the best bit.” I cringe to look back on it.

3 People dead or alive you would most want at your dinner party.

1. Marylin Monroe

2. Shigeru Miyamoto

3. George Safford Parker

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