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Patch Jobson

ROLE AT TONE FM: Station Director & Presenter of The Community Connection

STUFF YOU LIKE DOING: Anything arts based and I am normally in. Music, movies, theatre and events. All of which I have been involved in over the last twenty years for better or worse. Alongside this, I’m also a big reader, and I potentially have a very unhealthy interest in classic cars, namely Jaguar’s. Be warned, they’re like Mogwai’s, if you don’t follow the instructions they either multiply or create havoc after a certain time at night.

MOST EMBARRASSING MOMENT: I’m not someone who gets embarrassed that easily, namely as I don’t tend to notice when I’m doing something daft. However, I am sure there has been many many situations over the years where I have done stupid things that could qualify.  However saying that, there was one incident back in 1999 that involved, an event, me, Bonnie Tyler and me maybe running into her without looking … we shall leave that one there I think.

3 People dead or alive you would most want at your dinner party.

1. Les Dawson, my all time comedy hero. 

2. Tina Turner or Stevie Nicks, too hard to choose.

3. Norman Dewis OBE, a gentleman who I wish I could have had more conversations with. Those who know, know.

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