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Gateway Park & Ride Site Reopens

Normal business has resumed with commuters able to return to the Gateway Park & Ride site today (Tuesday) after illegally camped travellers left the site yesterday afternoon.

Gateway Park & Ride was closed (Monday) on safety and security grounds after a number of travellers illegally entered the site late Friday afternoon.

A legal notice was served this morning leading the travellers to leave the site a few hours later.  Normal business was resumed from 6.45am.

Ollie Woodhams, Strategic Manager at Somerset County Council said: “We are delighted the Park & Ride site services will resume as normal and we’d like to apologise for any inconvenience caused. We do not take the decision to close our Park & Ride sites lightly, but due to concerns about vehicle movements and the safety of commuters and travellers alike, we made the decision to temporarily close the site. We served a legal notice this and the travellers left a few hours later.”

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