Garden Town vision for Taunton

Garden Town vision for Taunton

The Council’s draft Vision for Taunton Garden Town has been produced following extensive engagement and discussion with the public and key stakeholders.

It sets out a long term vision for the Garden Town using illustrations and diagrams that demonstrate what a vibrant, thriving place marrying town and country could look like.

The vision is that: “Taunton will be a flourishing, distinctive and healthy county town where we all enjoy an exceptional quality of life and are proud to live.”

Supporting this vision are five key themes:

  • Celebrate our roots
  • Growing our town greener
  • Branching out – moving cleaner, moving smarter
  • Growing green places to live
  • New Shoots – a dynamic, prosperous business community

The Vision is just the start of work on Taunton Garden Town; a delivery plan will follow providing detail on the projects and activities which will deliver the Vision.

This delivery plan will not be a fixed document but one which, over time, will develop into an online platform providing up-to-date information about strategies, projects and activities. The new Somerset West and Taunton Council is committed to giving its communities and stakeholders an active role in realising the Vision from project identification through to delivery.

It will work to establish new governance arrangements for the Garden Town which will incorporate innovative ways to encourage community participation.

A link to the document can be found here:

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