Communal stairwell clutter proving issue for Fire Service

Communal stairwell clutter proving issue for Fire Service

Devon & Somerset Fire & Rescue Service are reminding all residents who live in flats and buildings with communal escape routes that these areas must be kept clear of storage of any type and size.

This includes waste (refuse), abandoned materials, bicycles, prams, and mobility scooters.

Ensuring all passages and corridors (escape routes) are clear of clutter is an ongoing issue within communal properties. Devon & Somerset Fire & Rescue Service are committed to making sure the community and visitors to the area it serves are safe from fire in communal escape routes.

If a fire were to start in a communal space which is full of clutter/storage the escape routes for the residents could prevent or hinder the safe evacuation of people leaving the building. Clutter/Storage also invites the risk for a deliberate fire being started.

Clutter/storage in escape routes could also affect the speed the fire service would be able to resolve the fire as well as blocking firefighters rescuing the occupants.

What can residents do?

If any residents has concerns about clutter/storage in their means of escape, they should in the first instance raise these concerns with their neighbours. If this does not bring any results please inform your landlord or the management agency. You may also refer to the matter to your local housing authority.

If for any reason you cannot speak to your neighbour or landlord about Fire Safety concerns, you can contact Devon & Somerset Fire & Rescue Service on the number or email below. All correspondence will be treated with the strictest confidence.

Contact the Fire Service

Monday to Friday, 9:00 – 17:00. Call 01392 872288 to be put through to your local fire safety team. Email

See the advice for Landlords and Letting Agents and High Rise Living

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