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Zach Hiscock

60 seconds with Zach Hiscock...

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ROLE AT TONE FM: Volunteer producer/presenter and the guy who does the weather!

STUFF YOU LIKE DOING:  I love the media! I spend lots of my time watching the TV or listening to the radio! I love a good documentary but more then likely I will be watching a classic sitcom, like The Office despite having seen it numerous times! I love to read and write and the theatre! Anything with creativity, I will be there!

MOST EMBARRASSING MOMENT: I can’t say I have embarrassed myself too much in my adult life thank goodness but there was one occasion as a child which involved a slight trip of the feet and a rather sizable fish pond… you can fill in the gaps of that story…

3 People dead or alive you would most want at your dinner party.

1. Ricky Gervais – a comedic genius and truly genuine and caring man, a true British legend.

2. David Bowie – just because, well its DAVID BOWIE!

3. Tom Hardy – the best actor I have ever seen!

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