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Sheila Beck

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ROLE AT TONE FM: Weekend Breakfast Presenter

STUFF YOU LIKE DOING: I have always been a happy, positive person, with a massive enthusiasm for the joy of just waking up every day and being alive.
I love spending most of my time with my wonderful extensive family, talking, laughing, playing and relaxing together. The love of music, dancing and food seems to be our common bond.

Spending time walking and exploring anywhere out in nature come a close second, I adore the sunshine, the beach and especially being out in boats on the water. I enjoy writing and I am a published author and I have been running my own business as a Health Care Therapist. I am also a teacher, public speaker and workshop facilitator.

I have a passion for researching, producing and presenting the weekend breakfast shows and being part of this fabulous team.

MOST EMBARRASSING MOMENT: In my high school years, I loved all sports and dance activities and I was in most of the teams. Netball, tennis, Hockey, Gymnastics. etc

So when there was a chance to be part of a National Festival of Movement. My school opened its gates to the governors, parents and public with a week long program of shows, tournaments and performances. A great week of celebrating movement.

It was in the grand finale, during the contemporary dance routine, performed in front of a packed hall, that all movement came to a halt.

The routine had been choreographed as a mixture of gymnastics and dance and practiced on the stage for months and months to perfection. However, some bright spark had decided to hammer a nail into the highly polished stage that very day. To hold a very large propped up picture from slipping. It was to be presented to some dignitary after prize giving and before the finale.

All was well until the part where the circle of dancers had to hold hands, gentle sit down, let go of hands, spin round twice, hold; hands again and rise up. I didn’t rise as I was impaled on that nail by my knicker leg and leotard.

End of performance and cheering as I was released with scissors. So I took a bow.

3 People dead or alive you would most want at your dinner party.

1. Princess Diana

2. Walt Disney

3. Leonardo Da Vinci

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