Mel Bulmer

Mel Bulmer

60 seconds with Mel Bulmer . . .


ROLE AT TONE FM: Some time presenter and General Dogsbody.

STUFF YOU LIKE DOING: Sports (rugby, cricket, hockey, netball, swimming), walking on Exmoor/ the Quantocks with the dog, music and a weird interest in current affairs

MOST EMBARRASSING MOMENT: My life has been a catalogue of errors as I have an amazing ability to trip over fresh air and injure myself. I am also incredibly ditzy for someone who is reasonable smart which lead me to have a conversation for half an hour with an ex boyfriend’s parents about how we had gone to see the Vale of Pudsey with its impressive white horse. It is, of course, the Vale of Pewsey and not named after a yellow bear. I never quite lived it down.

3 People dead or alive you would most want at your dinner party.

1. Emma Thompson who is quite frankly wonderful
2. Alan Rickman so I could listen to him speak
3. Billy Connolly because he makes me snort with laughter

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