Welcome to Business Plus 2021 – it’s a no brainer!


What is Business Plus?

Business Plus is a unique advertising initiative offering local businesses in and around Taunton the opportunity to promote themselves for as little as £15 per week!

business plus taunton town centre

How does it work?

Business Plus has been created to dispel the myth that advertising on the radio is ‘too expensive’ 

For a limited time only, Tone FM has reduced the rates for commercial airtime and sponsorship of shows and features.

How much does it cost?

Presenter Promotions

Every weekday on the Breakfast & Drivetime Shows, your classified advert will be read out on air by the presenters twice per show for ONLY *£15 per week!

Listen to the example below:



Commercial Airtime

A fully produced 30 second commercial which includes script writing and licensing, for ONLY *£50 per month!

Production fee of £50 applies. Bundles available in 3 | 6 | 12 month terms.

Listen to the example below:



Sponsorship Airtime

Sponsorship of shows and features are bespoke, provide much more impact and cost up to ONLY *£150 per month!

Listen to the example below:

*price excludes VAT

When will I hear my commercial on the radio?

The all new Business Plus Commercial Airtime campaign will give you a minimum of x4 plays per day, Monday to Friday, between 6am & 6pm.

Evenings and weekends are additional and FREE!

Who will make my commercial?

Tone FM outsources all creative to an external production house based in Torbay.

When you sign up to a Business Plus campaign, we will ask you to fill out a Client Questionnaire and the information you provide will then be used to write up a potential script.

Once you are happy with how it is written, you will be invoiced and once you have paid, your commercial will then be produced.

Can I change my commercial at any point?

Your first Business Plus commercial is provided at the discounted rate of *£50.

If you would like to refresh or make any amendments, a production fee of *£95 applies.

We therefore advise and suggest that your commercial script is kept generic with no time sensitivity.

*price excludes VAT

How many listeners do you have?

Taunton’s 107.8 Tone FM broadcasts in and around the TA1 | TA2 | TA3  post code area of which there is approximately *80,000 residents.

Based on official *RAJAR listening figures, 93% of available listeners tune in to their radios every week which is higher than the national average of 90%.

This equates to approximately 74,400 potential listeners every week!

Tone FM Map
*Data provided by Streetlist
*RAJAR stands for Radio Joint Audience Research and is the official body in charge of measuring radio audiences in the UK.

What results can I expect?

According to analysis from over 500 campaigns, radio pays back £7.70 in increased revenue for every pound spent – second only to TV overall and highest in product categories where advertising is used to drive immediate results e.g. retail, finance, travel, automotive.

Radio boosts online brand browsing  by an average of 52%. Results are immediate, with over half of responses generated within 24 hours of hearing the ad.

How do I take advantage of Business Plus?

Your Business Plus account manager is Brian Lee and he can answer any questions you may have by filling out the form below or calling 01823 286688.

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