Trevor Harney

Trevor Harney

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Trevor Harney

ROLE AT TONE FM: Presenter of “The Old School” 80’s Classic Soul Funk & Disco Anthems and favorite show of the station manager.

STUFF YOU LIKE DOING: I’m originally from South London – Cockney. I started to DJ when I was about 12 years old, doing mobile stuff with my older brother.

My passion for soul and Disco music took me onto Kiss FM, LWR as well as various community based radio stations all striving to get legal status. I’ve also worked the underground club scene in Ibiza, Greece and Canaries isles. Having had 5 years with Bay FM ( Now Exmouth Air). Tone FM is my new home to carry on my my style of music.

I like to travel and have many stamps in my busy passport. India is one of my favourite destination.
Love the outdoors and the Somerset lifestyle. My large bucket list consists of trekking up Kilimanjaro to driving the Vietnamese coast to Cambodia as well as a dream, to be part of I’m A Celebrity Get Me Outa Here.

MOST EMBARRASSING MOMENT: I have many that couldn’t be aired in public so think they are best left under wraps for all our sakes.

3 People dead or alive you would most want at your dinner party.

1. Trevor McDonald – seems to be so cool and a bit of a dude. He has so much knowledge of the world and what goes on in it.

2. Nelson Mandela – well I think the name says it all as to why he could share my kebab.

3. Ghandi – having seen his home and walked in his footsteps, together with the place where he was sadly assassinated, his wisdom and understanding of how people can live in peace is beyond anyone’s outlook on life.

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