Stuart Wright

Stuart Wright

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Stuart Wright

ROLE AT TONE FM: Host of the Job Of The Day feature, weekly Job Club and I also assist behind the scenes.

STUFF YOU LIKE DOING: I shoot Air rifle for Great Britain, I am on the development programme of the Paralympic air rifle team and shoot at a distance of 10 metres. I am very proud to be part of Team GB. I really want to make my Paralympic debut at Tokyo in 2020. Shooting takes up a lot of time but I love having time with family and friends, walking the dog & getting out on my hand-bike.

MOST EMBARRASSING MOMENT: The one I can mention here is losing my trunks in the sea (aged 15) and sharing my botty with the rest of Sidmouth beach!

3 People dead or alive you would most want at your dinner party.

1.Robin Williams
2.The Hoff
3.James Corden

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