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Denise Spragg

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denise spragg

ROLE AT TONE FM: Presenter of The Big Show Tunes. Sunday Evenings 6pm till 8pm

STUFF YOU LIKE DOING: I am the Director of The Sangha House in Taunton which keeps me extremely busy, but on my rare time off, I like nothing more than growing veggies in my garden, walking in the Quantocks and keeping fit after recently discovering kettlebells.

MOST EMBARRASSING MOMENT: Doing my best to impress my new fella (now my husband) we went on a bike ride when I hadn’t ridden a bike for many years. I dismounted in a rather unconventional manner and ended face downwards in a wet hedge. My fella/husband sympathetically laughed his socks off.

3 People dead or alive you would most want at your dinner party.

1. Fred Astaire

2. Christian Louboutin (shoe designer)

3. Jo Brand

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