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Dave Englefield

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ROLE AT TONE FM: I present Solid Gold Sunday, playing some brilliant songs from the late 50s through to the 90s. I’ve been presenting shows for a long time, in fact radio was still in back and white when I started

STUFF YOU LIKE DOING: Music was my first love and it will be my last, good line for a song that! Away from music I read a lot to unwind, but otherwise you’ll find me watching football or strolling around with my nutty dog Rosie

MOST EMBARRASSING MOMENT: I was once mistaken, in London, for Feargal Sharkey. Despite my continual denials the lady concerned refused to believe me saying, with a smile on her face and a little wink, “I know you’re just trying to keep the fans away, don’t worry Feargal, I mean Dave, your secret is safe with me” To this day I cannot see the resemblance, although I do have the same number of noses as Feargal…..

3 People dead or alive you would most want at your dinner party.

1. Steven King – I’ve read everything he’s written, but what goes on in that mans head?

2. Bob Mortimer – so funny, and an absolute joy to watch

3. Chris de Burgh – always great company, and has some amazing stories to share

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