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Darren Daley

60 seconds with Darren Daley . . .

dd family pic

ROLE AT TONE FM: Breakfast Show presenter & station manager

STUFF YOU LIKE DOING: Running, swimming, cycling and I’m a keen snowboarder (goofy!) and tinkering about with websites.

MOST EMBARRASSING MOMENT: How many would you like, my life has been a catalogue of errors! I remember once running into the loo in between songs whilst on air and Andrea Corr was sat sat there having a wee! I’m not sure who was the most embarrassed but I bet she never forgot to lock the toilet door again when going to a radio station interview session!

3 People dead or alive you would most want at your dinner party.

1.Frank Clegg – total legend who was a presenter here at Tone FM and is just hilarious to be at any table with! Miss you Frank R.I.P. x
2.Ruth Jones & James Corden – big mates with each other so would work well sat at & the table!
3.Duffy; Towers; Greyer; Hoskins & Homewrekka  – all mates of mine and count for 1 person based on lack of brain cells!

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