Veg boxes triumph families in need

Veg boxes triumph families in need

Being unable to provide food for your family is extremely stressful, but is felt more keenly during the festive period when so much of our celebrations in the UK revolve around food.

Christmas may be over but the need for food boxes for struggling families is still just as urgent.

Over the Christmas period Somerset Village Agent, Izzy Silvester secured a large number of vegetable and food boxes for free from the wonderful Somerset Local Food, with their generous customers donating towards them being filled. Izzy then worked with Family Support Charity GetSet & the Salvation Army to deliver much needed fruit and veg boxes to families in Somerset.

Additionally a local Parent Family Support advisor to the schools were delighted to help in distributing boxes to families.

Two families in particular found themselves unable to buy food for Christmas after rent and all the bills were paid. The boxes they were provided supported those at a time when it was needed most.

Samantha Seale from the Salvation Army said: “The big family I had a veg box for were really overwhelmed with the generosity of the company. They didn’t have a lot and when the box was given to them it created so much joy. Kind companies bring hope to those below the poverty line so from them a very big thank you and a Happy New Year.”

Another family who had been through and are still going through much heartache and trauma, with serious medical conditions affecting several members of the family, were given a food box and were utterly thrilled by the donation. This amazingly strong family, who like a lot of people struggle to make their money stretch, especially with only the Dad working, were delighted to have some fresh fruit and veg delivered for Christmas week.

These small moments of generosity can make such a positive influence in peoples lives. Jinny Uppington, Village Agent manager said: “Whilst we are delighted with the generosity of local firms donating fruit and vegetables over Christmas, we want to highlight that there are people living in Somerset who desperately need this kind of support all year round.

Food poverty is a real issue not only in Somerset, but across the country, and we hope by raising awareness of the amazing impact these boxes deliver, we can promote a sustainable supply going forward.”

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