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Taunton GPs in ground-breaking partnership

Warwick House Medical Practice in Taunton has joined up with Musgrove Park Hospital in a ground-breaking partnership that will offer new and different services to patients.

The goal is to develop new ways of providing joined-up services for patients, smoothing the links between the hospital and the GP practice, and allowing GPs more time with patients by relieving them of some administrative chores.

It’s the first time that Musgrove Park has signed a contract with GPs, employing them directly while the practice continues to enjoy freedoms to make its own decisions.

Dr Stuart Walker, medical director at Musgrove Park Hospital, said: “Warwick House is a very stable practice with a strong reputation and a “good” rating from the Care Quality Commission, so we are thrilled to be working with its doctors, nurses, therapists and other practice staff.

“There are always improvements we can make in the way information flows between the hospital and practices, and we are convinced that this close collaboration with Warwick House will bring real benefits for patients.”

Dr Sian Hanson, partner at Warwick House medical centre, said: “This is really exciting for our patients as we will be testing ways of providing services and making care between the hospital and practice much more seamless.

“We are in a healthy position as a practice but you only need look around the country to see that GP services are under great pressure, with some centres even threatened with closure.

“By entering this partnership arrangement from a position of strength, we can feel assured that in 20 years’ time our patients and their future children and grandchildren will continue to have the top quality services they need at Warwick House.”

Taunton GPs in ground-breaking partnership
Warwick House Medical Centre
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