Taunton Charity Goes from Strength to Strength

Taunton Charity Goes from Strength to Strength

 A charity based in Taunton has gone from Strength to Strength.

Increasing demand for beneficial violence prevention workshops has led to expansion of a violence prevention charity, Stand Against Violence.

Thanks to continued success and significant growth over the last two years, Stand Against Violence has spent the last week welcoming and training seven new teachers.

The week provided training in all SAV workshops from violence awareness to anti bullying, and reviewed the background and history of SAV including the tragic murder of Lloyd Fouracre in 2005.

Teachers also utilised the week to learn the personal stories behind the workshops as well as have open discussions of their experiences and learning points.

Tim Harris, one of the teachers who attended the week said, “It was great to learn from each other and to feel a part of the team, I’m excited about the future with SAV.”

Adam Fouracre, CEO and Founder of SAV said, “It was fantastic to be able to get all of our teachers together for the week. These opportunities to get together are invaluable not just to learn from one another and consolidate our training, but also to build a sense of team.”

SAV has educated over 18,000 young people over the last year and continues to grow from strength to strength. If you would like to know more or to support the work of SAV visit www.standagainstviolence.co.uk.

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