StrEat Taunton coming to Castle Green

StrEat Taunton coming to Castle Green

Taunton food lovers will be flocking to Castle Green this week as a new Street Food Festival launches on Friday 7th April.

Street food originated in Asia, it’s fun and in-expensive, and is now fast growing in the UK. Now, for the first time ever, people in Taunton will have the opportunity to enjoy the theatre and great flavours of Street food at StrEat Taunton which is held twice monthly at Castle Green on the 1st Friday and 3rd Wednesday of each month from April to October between 12pm & 8pm

It welcomes local artisan food producers, cooking up a variety of sumptuous foods, with roots in many different countries from all around the world.


StrEat Taunton coming to Castle Green

In addition to the fabulous food on offer, Taunton Cider, re-launching after many years, will be at every event.  This historic cider maker is back in business and the organisers, Tom Owen and Elliott Richards are extremely excited to have them on board.

Organiser Elliot commented “We want to give everyone the chance to experience this unique dining opportunity, perhaps a new option for lunch and a break from the office, a change from shopping in the afternoon, and for those who want to come and have an alternative evening out.  We really think these events will be great for Taunton and we cannot wait for the first one”.

The food will be amazing, the atmosphere relaxed and Taunton will be well and truly on board the street food train.

To find out more about StrEat Taunton, click HERE

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