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Spotlight on Good Mental Health at Taunton School

Taunton School recently invited all school parents to attend a talk on Mental Health issues in children by well-respected speaker and advocate Dick Moore.

The School’s Parent Teacher Association dedicated its latest parent’s evening to focusing on children’s mental health. Over 165 parents attended and had the opportunity to learn from mental health advocate Dick Moore who shared his personal and professional experiences.

Mr Moore was invited in to speak to parents and provided a powerful, insightful and very personal testimony on the importance of good mental health, having lost his own son to suicide some years ago. This proved to be one of the most important talks that the School has ever held.

Mr Moore, who is a former teacher and headmaster, explained the problems and difficulties that mental health challenges can cause. He detailed the triggers that can cause mental health problems, and took time to explain the tools parents can use to help.

Parents who attended the talk said: “I now feel more informed and confident to deal with the teenage years. It was moving for all who attended”. Another added: “Dick’s talk was the most profound I have ever heard and I learnt more about parenting in that 90 minutes than I had ever done before”.

Dick also gave a talk to the Upper Sixth, with slightly different messages, and this talk will shortly be available on the Taunton School website.

This event reinforces the importance that Taunton School places on wellbeing for its students and staff. Taunton School was recently a finalist in a prestigious Wellbeing and Mental Health Award, by respected education establishment Tes, who recognised the innovative processes that have been put in place by the school to ensure that students are fully supported in their mental health.

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Spotlight on Good Mental Health at Taunton School
Left to Right: Paul Billings (parent and Chair of PTA at Taunton School), Ed Burnett (Deputy Head Senior – Pastoral), Dick Moore (Mental Health Advocate), Chris Coleman (Deputy Head Preparatory)
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