Somerset’s SAINTS launch dedicated immunisation team

Somerset’s SAINTS launch dedicated immunisation team

A new, dedicated, school immunisation team has been launched in Somerset to give children and young people greater protection against many life-threatening diseases.

The Somerset school-aged immunisation nursing team, also known as Somerset SAINT, is a dedicated team of qualified nurses and support staff who will be giving primary school children the flu vaccine (nasal spray), and secondary school children the HPV vaccination, Meningitis ACWY vaccine and the 3-in-1 teenage booster (tetanus/diphtheria/polio).

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Immunisation helps to improve protection against life-threatening diseases at the very earliest opportunity. They often concentrate on young children, as they’re particularly vulnerable to many potentially dangerous infections.

Suzy Mason, immunisation team leader at Somerset SAINT, said: “It’s great that we now have a dedicated team for immunisation in Somerset to help protect our children and our community. “It’s important that our children are vaccinated not only to protect them but to also those in our community who can’t be vaccinated because, for example, they’re too ill. “Vaccination also helps us to keep diseases under control and in some cases eliminate them all together and that’s why it’s really important for us to be able to have support from schools and parents.”

“We know that sometimes letters can get lost in book bags and that some children are taught outside of the traditional classroom setting so we are also hoping to offer sessions at clinics outside of schools and outside of school times to make it easier for families. “The team will also be offering to come into assemblies or hold information sessions for parents in advance of visits so they can find out more and ask us any questions or about any concerns they have.”

“We appreciate the support that has been given to us in the past from schools and parents to enable these vaccination programmes to be successful and we hope that this continues.

“If anyone has any questions about the team or the immunisation programmes, please contact us on 0300 323 0032 or email .” You can also find the team on Twitter: @Somerset_SAINT

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