Rivers Authority to canvass flood victims

Rivers Authority to canvass flood victims

The Somerset Rivers Authority (SRA) is asking the opinion of householders in flood-affected areas in Somerset on potential flood risk to them and their local communities.

Over the next few days, a questionnaire will be delivered to over 1200 homes in ten areas of Somerset asking them to respond to four key questions. These include;

  • How people feel about the potential of flooding re-occurring,
  • How well their community is able to respond to flooding.
  • If the work undertaken by the authorities has reduced the risk of flooding in the future.
  • Have home owners been able to access affordable flood insurance?

The outcome of the questionnaire will inform the decisions and future priorities of the SRA.

Somerset charity CCS, (the Community Council for Somerset) has been asked to undertake the consultation on behalf of the authority. CCS has gained a reputation for undertaking fair, impartial and effective consultation with communities across Somerset.

CCS Chief Executive Keeley Rudd said: “There is no doubt that the 13/14 Somerset floods had a huge and long-lasting impact on affected individual and communities. This consultation allows local people to express their views in a confidential and honest way so that Somerset Rivers Authority is fully informed and able to prioritise effectively. CCS is pleased to be involved as we were so instrumental in supporting those communities during such a difficult time; I hope people will embrace this opportunity to have their say.”

CCS is known as the organisation who employs the Village, Community and Carers Agents and this exercise is being undertaken by Smart Communities the trading arm of CCS. The consultation will close on 21 st December 2018 and there will be events happening in local areas to advertise the arrival of the questionnaire.

The areas being consulted are: Athelney, Burrowbridge, East Lyng, Fordgate, Moorland, Muchelney, Oath, Thorney, West Yeo and Westonzoyland.

You can complete the SURVEY online. For more information contact CCS on 01823 331222.

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