Recycling sites extend opening hours

Recycling sites extend opening hours

Recycling sites across Somerset have extended their opening hours. Later Sundays and weekdays at all 16 recycling sites will start from Monday 1st April.

Recycling sites will open to 4pm Saturdays and Sundays, and to 6pm on open summer weekdays from April.

A spokesperson commented; “We are reflecting site user’s demands and keeping all 16 sites open, each site’s hours will help limit congestion and carefully match its existing use and future needs as Somerset’s population and housing stock expands.”

From Monday 1 April, the changes include:

  • Year-round 9am-4pm weekend hours at all sites on Saturdays and Sundays
  • Later summer (6pm Apr-Sep) and winter (5pm Oct-Mar) weekday closing
  • Same number or extra days at 10 sites, including an extra day each at Chard and Wells (Dulcote)
  • Fewer days at six, such as saved-from-closure Crewkerne and Dulverton
  • Reflecting low user numbers early in the day, all sites will start work at 9am
  • 6pm summer weekday closing, underused 7pm Monday evenings to end

For site-by-site details of all changes from Monday 1 April, visit the Somerset waste website.

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Recycling sites extend opening hours
Image courtesy of SWP
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