Police dogs need your help to train

Police dogs need your help to train

Avon & Somerset Police are looking for new venues within the force area to train their Police dogs.

Do you know of any empty or disused buildings for our firearms support/general purpose German Shepherd Police dogs?

Do you know of any office complexes, large houses, colleges, stadiums or other venues for our drugs or explosive search dogs? These dogs can happily search safely around people so these premises do not need to be empty like the ones required for our German Shepherds.

If you have empty buildings awaiting to be let or sold, we would be interested in these too, even if they are only available for a few weeks – their dog handlers (and dogs) would be extremely grateful.

It is really important for the development of the Police dogs that they receive training in realistic venues to prepare them for operational duties.

If you have any buildings or land which you would be happy for our dog handlers and dogs to use for training purposes please contact the dog training manager Denis McCoy on email at denis.mccoy@avonandsomerset.pnn.police.uk

Image courtesy of Avon & Somerset Police.

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