Parcel thief caught stealing on camera

Parcel thief caught stealing on camera

A Taunton woman has caught a parcel thief on camera after a delivery was stolen from her doorstep.

Jacqui Parker of Rowbarton was in London yesterday (Wednesday May 8th) on her birthday at the time of her delivery and realised the theft happened when checking their security camera from her phone.

The package was a gift from her Brother-in-law which was purchased whilst on their honeymoon in Japan. The delivery was made at 11.30am yesterday and the parcel was stolen at 1.15pm.

Jacqui told Tone FM that the parcel was an unexpected delivery for her 35th birthday.

The woman can be seen getting in a black car which headed off via Salisbury Street. The incident has been reported to the police and we are awaiting a crime ref number but if you recognise the woman please call 101.

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Parcel thief caught stealing on camera
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