Maternity unit recognised at national awards

Maternity unit recognised at national awards

A Bridgwater woman has described how Musgrove Park Hospital’s midwives and care team went above and beyond to look after her following the tragic loss of her baby boy.

Vicki Dingwall, from Bridgwater, said the maternity unit “made a world of difference” to her little family in their time of need. Vicki has nominated Musgrove for a prestigious national Butterfly Award.

Part of the Butterfly Awards’ judging process includes a public vote and local people can read the full story and vote by following a link on the Musgrove Park Hospital Facebook page.

Vicki was cared for at the hospital’s Rowan Suite, which is for women, partners and their families who have been affected by the death of a baby before, during or shortly after birth. They get the specialist care and time they need in a comfortable and homely environment.

The Rowan Suite was funded entirely by kind donations from families who had experience of baby loss and wanted to do something to help others who go through the same. Vicki had first-hand experience of the Rowan Suite following the very sad loss of her baby son at 32 weeks back in February this year.

She remarked how special the professionalism, sympathy and compassion shown to her and her family were by the Labour ward, bereavement midwives and care assistants.

“During the most painful, confusing and traumatic time, the team always made us feel cared for while giving us the space to grieve and begin to process what was happening to us,” she said.

“The maternity staff went out of their way to comfort me, even with little things like finding strawberry yoghurts because it was all I wanted to eat! They were empathetic and sat and listened to us as we talked about our pain and fears.

“One of the midwives talked us through the concept of butterfly boxes and how they could help us to make memories in the short time we had with our son. “She made sure that we had photographs, casts and prints of our baby boy when we were too tired and confused to think about such things. She also went out of her way to get us a lock of his hair, which wasn’t easy, and this is something we’ll never forget.

“These items are our family’s most treasured memories and possessions and there are not the words to describe how much it meant that the midwife took the time and patience to ask what we wanted and to make sure we had it.

“The stand out memory for me was that the maternity team took the time to get to know our family and listened when we explained our wishes, respecting each and every one of them. “I’ll never forget the kindness, compassion and professionalism of the truly incredible ladies who made a world of difference to my little family in our time of need.”8

To vote for Musgrove’s maternity unit, go to the hospital’s Facebook page or website and follow the link: HERE

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