Somerset county council

Last call for would-be councillors

Would-be County Councillors have just one week left to put themselves forward for Somerset County Council elections in May.

The deadline for nominations is 4pm on Tuesday, 4 April and there are 55 seats available to be filled when the county goes to the ballot box on 4 May.

Each seat is a chance to make a real difference to the local community and get involved in the huge range of services provided by the Council. The authority is urging passionate people who want to make difference to come forward and stand for election.

“Becoming a councillor is a really rewarding way to make a difference to your local community, said a spokesperson for Somerset County Council.

“You will be in a position to influence council decisions and push for changes that can improve people’s daily lives. We encourage everyone who is interested, to stand in the May elections. With one week left to sign up, make sure you don’t miss out on the chance to get involved.”

“Councillors are the voice of their local community. You don’t have to belong to a political party to stand or have previous councillor experience. Compassion for others is a great start.”

In return for their work with local communities and attending meetings and events, councillors receive allowances and are offered support and training to help them in their role.

More information can also be found on the Council’s website by clicking HERE

For full information on qualifications and disqualifications on standing see The Electoral Commission website -http://www. data/assets/pdf_file/0007/ 141784/Part-1-Can-you-stand- for-election-LGEW.pdf

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