Hundreds of lorries off the road as Jetty opens

Hundreds of lorries off the road as Jetty opens

EDF Energy this week announced that Hinkley Point C’s temporary jetty has become operational, and will allow delivery by sea of the majority of materials for concrete production.

Today Cllr John Woodman, Cabinet Member for Highways and Transport at Somerset County Council said: “We are working hard to make travel in and around Bridgwater easier and safer and the temporary jetty will further support work that is being done to ease transport impacts in Bridgwater and the surrounding area.”

“Through The Bridgwater Way project we are already investing in walking, cycling and safety infrastructure including projects to encourage people to use their cars less. Visit to view the brand new cycling map and find out more.”

The Bridgwater Way is focussed on helping to keep Bridgwater moving as the town goes through a period of significant growth and investment.  Supported by Sedgemoor District Council it provides information, advice and tools to help people choose the best ways to travel and routes to use, and help reduce the need to travel in the first place.  It includes investment in new roads and improvements to existing roads and junctions, as well as miles of new and improved routes for pedestrians and cyclists.  It also offers active travel initiatives to make getting to work or school easier and safer.

Councillor David Hall, Cabinet Member for Business and Inward Investment also said of the news: “To see the jetty become operational will no doubt be welcomed by residents and road users as it allows EDF Energy to keep their vehicle numbers as low as possible.”

“As a County Council, we are working closely with EDF Energy and partners locally to ensure that our communities are benefiting hugely from the creation of jobs and investment in infrastructure, skills and apprenticeships and supply chain opportunities for local businesses.”

In the video it shows how one delivery by sea has saved 300 lorries on the roads.

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Hundreds of lorries off the road as Jetty opens
Courtesy of EDF. Unit 1 nuclear island where water and a thermal curing blankets are being used to slowly cure the concrete poured for the reactor base.


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