The Hearing Voices Support Group Saved from Closure

The Hearing Voices Support Group Saved from Closure

Mental Health Charity Mind TWS are pleased to announce that their Hearing Voices Group has been saved from closure due to generous funding from Somerset Partnership NHS Foundation Trust.

The group, which has been running since October 2016, was facing closure without further funding. Thankfully, due to a lot of campaigning within the charity and a grant from Somerset Partnership, they were able to secure support for people who hear voices and see visions for the next 12 months.

Group facilitator and founder, Marc Lewis, said: “I’m absolutely thrilled that Somerset Partnership NHS Trust has been able to come through for us and provide us with this funding. Having had a family history of people who experience voices and visions I know how isolating those experiences can be due to how stigmatized mental health issues are in society. This funding means we can continue to provide social support and a listening ear to the people that need us.”

Neil Jackson, Head of Mental Health Inpatient Crisis and Specialist Care Division at Somerset Partnership, was pleased to be able to confirm the funding and said:

“Hearing Voices Groups can be very positive and effective ways of overcoming frightening experiences such as voices and visions. For many people the sharing of these experiences in a supportive group, and being able to learn coping strategies from each other are an important part of recovery.

“We have agreed to fund Taunton Hearing Voices Group for the next 12 months to give Mind in Taunton and West Somerset time to fundraise to support the group and this service in the long term.”

The Taunton Hearing Voices Group takes place every Thursday 2pm till 4pm at the Chamberlains Café at the back of North Street Church. It is a support group that aims to provide a safe and encouraging space for people who see visions and Hear voices.

More information about hearing voices can be found HERE

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