Farm Shop Launches Milk Refill Station

Farm Shop Launches Milk Refill Station

SOMERSET folk keen to reduce their use of single use plastic can this month (June, 2019) use a Milk Refill Station at the farm shop between Wellington & Taunton.

Rumwell Farm Shop have launched the new venture with semi-skimmed milk sourced from Gundenham Dairy in Langford Budville 6 miles away.

Anne Mitchell, Joint Owner of the farm shop, said: “Our new milk vending machine enables customers to refill glass bottles with fresh milk as opposed to buying plastic cartons. As a company we are keen to reduce our single use plastic waste and to encourage our customers to do the same by giving them the opportunity to do so.”

“Customers can buy a new one litre reusable glass bottle and fill it with pasteurised semi-skimmed milk. The glass bottle is 99p and the milk is 95p per litre and 65p per pint.”

“People can also bring back used plastic milk bottles to refill or another container of their choice. The milk must be sold in multiples of one pint (568ml) or one litre only. Any reused bottles must state the size so we can easily identify the amount in the bottle. All containers must be clean before refilling.”

“If the Milk Refill Station is successful, we may also introduce whole milk as well.”

Gundenham Dairy is a family-run independent dairy producer. It has been supplying milk since the 1930’s. The third and fourth generation of Cottrell family is now farming Gundenham.

The majority of its 500 acres of Somerset pastureland is given over to providing food and grazing for its herd of around 350 Holstein Friesians. The cows on the dairy are all free roaming and grass fed.

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