Double festival win for Taunton School Choirs

Double festival win for Taunton School Choirs

Taunton Preparatory School Choirs have clinched the top two trophies at the recent Taunton Festival of the Arts.

Both the “Giocoso Choir” and “Cantabile Choir” came top of the class in the Choir competition, bringing this year’s Taunton Festival of the Arts music categories to a particularly successful end for Taunton Preparatory School.

The “Giocoso Choir” pipped eight other local schools to the post with their stunning performances. “Cantabile Choir”, competing in a very tough senior category, also managed to win first place.

Jayne Hornsby, Head of Music and Performing Arts at Taunton School commented: “What an amazing achievement for our young singers, proving that practice makes perfect. The children have worked so hard and their discipline and technique is developing in leaps and bounds – as proved by these amazing victories.”

This event has seen the highest number of Taunton Prep School children in recent years taking part in the Taunton Festival of the Arts, with many pupils gaining top spots in their category.

Year 7 pupil Daria Bogdanska came top of her Piano Class, winning First Place with Distinction, and Year 5 pupil Evie Linden also won First Place with Distinction in her Harp category.

There were further winning performances from Cicely Henry, Matilda White, Jake Maloney, and Ruby Cottrell in each of their different Solo String classes and also some great success from Taunton Prep School singers, many of whom were competing for the first time. Poppy Charles won 3rd place in a tough category and Jack Pool won 2nd place singing in the ‘Song from a Musical Show’ category. In a similar class, Ava Leach won 3rd.

Sam Baker, Music Teacher commented: “We congratulate all our performers and thank all parents and Visiting Music Teachers for their support and hard work in preparing all our talented young performers.”

Double festival win for Taunton School Choirs
Festival Competition Choir 12 Years and Under winners - Janice Huang, Isabelle Phillips, Lily Clews, Katrina McAllister, Frankie Hanson, Daria Bogdanska, Ava Leach, Emily Vernon, Freddie Verge, Harriet Phillips, Charlie Taylor, Gracie Howells, Ellie Driscoll, Jessica Oppenheim, Rosie Imm, Leila Imm, Jack White, Jack Pool, Wills Leach, Mia Shearman, Sophie Carruthers, Cara Cunningham, Maisy Phelps & Cicely Henry.
Double festival win for Taunton School Choirs
Festival Competition Choir 10 Years and Under winners - Zachary Roberts, Annabelle Panayiotides, Daisy Challacombe, Lily Blackwell, Evie Lindon, Maddie Berry, Maddie Hudgell, Charlie Vile, Holly Evans, Freya Simpson, Jack Blackwell, Margot Crews, Florence Legg, Matilda White, Katie Sercombe, Saffron Masters, Imogen Darvell, Dulcie Catton, Alex Leach, Margo Samoilenko, Lois Coleman, Louie Mansfield, Alice Boyce, Chloe Henderson, Emily Miller & Thomas Dutton
Double festival win for Taunton School Choirs
All other children from Taunton Prep School who were involved in the Taunton Festival of the Arts.
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