Commonwealth Gold Medallist inspires Netballers

Commonwealth Gold Medallist inspires Netballers

Netball champion Eboni Beckford-Chambers recently visited Taunton School to run a specialist coaching session for aspiring players.

Under the organisation of JR Sports Coaching, students at Taunton School and the wider community were treated to three hours of expert coaching consisting of warm-up drills, attacking drills, defensive drills and matchplay. Year 13 student Amelia Davies said: “Defensive drills consisted of body positioning and learning how to snatch the ball in when under pressure – extreme in one specific drill which proved to be very physical yet enjoyed greatly by all!”

After the practical sessions, the netballers were able to get first-hand advice with an intimate Q&A session. Eboni highlighted her experiences, talking through how she was introduced to the game of netball and the path that she took to represent England. Students asked intriguing questions getting invaluable insights to how a professional sportswoman operates, ranging from the best ways to recover after training sessions, to what meals Eboni eats on a daily basis.

Freya Tyler in Year 10 added: “Eboni was very enthusiastic and an excellent coach. She worked us hard and improved our attack and defence which we then put into game play. I learnt that if you want something badly, never to give up. And she explained that the pathway is always going to be difficult.”

Amelia Davies said: “Hearing Eboni’s story and words of advice inspired me to improve and peruse my love of the game.”

Commonwealth Gold Medallist inspires Netballers
Eboni Beckford-Chambers (Credit JR Sports Coaching)
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