Cheese show seeks FIT farmers for fun bake-off

Cheese show seeks FIT farmers for fun bake-off

THE Frome Cheese Show has commenced its campaign to find ‘fit farmers’ to take part in its new cheese-themed bake off, to be held on Saturday 10 September 2016.

“We are looking for farmers who are handsome, hunky, pretty — of course we welcome ladies as well as gentlemen — or just gorgeous on the inside,” said Julie Harding, show secretary. “They can nominate themselves or they can be put forward by a friend or family member. The only stipulation is that they work in the farming sector, whether they run their own business, just work for a few hours a week on a farm or are somehow connected to the industry.”

Three candidates will be chosen by a panel of judges shortly before the show. They will be required to cook from a recipe of their choice and will be judged on their final dish by celebrity chef Josh Eggleton. All dishes must contain some kind of cheese in the list of ingredients.

“We realise not all farmers, or those connected to the industry, will be naturals in the kitchen — but we would encourage them to enter,” continued Julie Harding. “We are looking for people who enjoy having a go and like a new challenge in the spotlight. We also feel that it’s a great way of saying thank you to all the wonderful farmers out there, many of whom are finding trading conditions very difficult at the moment. We hope to make them smile and would like to see our fun campaign bring farming a little more to the fore for all the right reasons — any way to highlight the industry has to be a good thing.

“However, we don’t want potential applicants to be put off by thinking that the cooking skills of the other candidates will be ‘Paul Hollywood standard’.  We are hoping and expecting that some, if not most, of our entrants won’t be used to slaving over a hot stove, so that the bake off is a new and challenging experience for them, and therefore exciting for our audience. However, if there is farming’s answer to Paul Hollywood out there, then we welcome an application from them.”

Interested applicants should email and include 100 words about themselves and their link to farming. They must also include a high resolution photograph that will be published on the new Frome Agricultural & Cheese Show website ( if they are shortlisted.

In the picture —  Fit farmer Oliver Fuller, who has worked part-time milking cows in Somerset for three years.

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