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Castle students win award at Young Enterprise

Students from Castle School in Taunton have won a top Somerset award at Young Enterprise Dragons Den.

“Rushlight” is the school’s first venture into Young Enterprise – the company will be manufacturing and selling a variety of seasonal and sustainable candles. The company’s values are all about 100% sustainability.

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Rushlight was invited to attend their very first Young Enterprise event last week – the prestigious Dragons Den. This event was held at Evosite Headquarters in Taunton and featured many students from a range of schools from Somerset, including Wells Cathedral and Taunton Schools.

The event was an excellent opportunity to meet senior directors of local companies, including entrepreneurs who have started up very successful businesses in the area. The team also gave a 10 minute presentation on their company, and answered a series of questions from a panel of directors.

Speaking on the company, the CEO and Founder of Evosite stated: “We are delighted to announce that the team won the Dragons Den event by unanimous decision, and were awarded a £100 investment to help run the company throughout the year ahead.”

“The business concept was strong and the values that their brand represented were clear and well aligned between them all. As a group they had incredible cohesion and unity in their vision and their products”

“We were incredibly impressed by the structure they had within the business. Everyone in front of us knew their role within the business and importantly knew what was expected of them in order to deliver their ambitious goals.

“They presented professionally and with a huge amount of charm and enthusiasm. In our view their strongest asset was how united they were as a team.”

“Congratulations to the directors and members of the Young Enterprise team, who will be looking to ensure manufacturing and sales at future events succeed. Dates on future sales events will be sent out accordingly.”

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