Carnival Committee give thanks

Carnival Committee give thanks

The South Somerset Federation of Carnivals would like to extend their gratitude to everyone who supported them in our joint town venture this year selling carnival toys and balloons.

A spokesperson for the committee commented; “It’s success has exceeded our expectations and it gives us great pleasure to announce that we have raised around £3000”.

“This is an amazing figure for our first “trial” year and the money will go back into local schools, clubs and charities. It is worth noting that none of this money would have been possible if the members of the public had bought their toys and balloons from the unofficial sellers, so we are grateful to those who have bought from us”.

They also added that; “The unofficial street peddler’s don’t give any of their profits back to the carnival collections and it concerns us that unofficial street peddlers are trying to pass themselves off as official carnival sellers at other carnivals”.

“We wish to stress to everyone to check the relevant South Somerset Carnival websites and/or social media platforms for official selling locations and vehicles before attending the carnival parades. It is also worth remembering that our official sellers aren’t allowed to use trolleys as this invalidates our license, hence they are accompanied by the van, so anything bought from a peddler with a trolley does not go towards the carnival purse”.

It has been a massive learning curve for us and we have highlighted what has worked well, and also not so well, so that we can build on this success next year. We have already committed to next year and hope to raise funds for some more illuminated signage, extra lighting and possibly a PA system. We couldn’t have done it without the help of the local businesses, volunteers and organisations that worked tirelessly at each of the carnivals.

Once again, thank you to everyone who bought their toys and balloons from us, enabling us to raise this fantastic amount of money that will benefit our local communities.

Image courtesy of Taunton Carnival.

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