Blackbrook & Holway targeted by garage thieves

Blackbrook & Holway targeted by garage thieves

Residents of Blackbrook and Holway have been targeted by a series of garage thefts over the last few weeks.

A man had been spotted in the early hours wearing a balaclava on June 18th wandering around testing garage door locks in the Tyne Park and Redlake Drive areas.

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Several other residents are also aware of people wandering around in the early hours in the Torridge Mead / Calder Crescent and surrounding areas also testing garage doors.

One resident commented; “Sadly this seems to be a daily occurrence at the moment and I now park my car tight to the garage door.”

Another resident added; “I’ve lived here for 20 years and this is my first encounter of someone coming in the back gate, I now make sure it’s locked.

The thieves appear to be after tools, bikes and lawnmowers.

People are urged to ensure their property is locked and to keep an eye out in your neighbourhood. If you spot any issues please inform the Police on 101. If the crime is in progress then call 999.

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