Would-be beekeepers invited to join course

Would-be beekeepers invited to join course

Taunton Beekeepers are encouraging honey bee lovers to sign up for this year’s beginners’ course which starts on February 22 to get learning and help these essential pollinators to flourish.

Experienced beekeepers will provide an insight into what is involved in keeping a colony of bees and will deliver a programme of lectures and practical, hands-on sessions at the club’s apiary.

Peter Maben, Chairman of Taunton Beekeepers, said: “Beekeeping is a fantastically rewarding hobby of endless interest, with the added bonus of an annual harvest of honey.

“The course is intended to inspire and inform those who want to know more about the craft of beekeeping and will provide a gateway into what is for many a lifelong pursuit and passion.”

All the basics of beekeeping are covered on the course including what to consider when getting started, what it takes to get through a full season of beekeeping, and how to prepare honey for sale.

Marilyn Haskins from West Monkton joined last year’s beginners’ course to improve pollination in her orchard: “However, once you get involved it’s so infectious and we were carried along with it so quickly and easily. Everybody was so nice and friendly and it really inspires you do to more.

“People say to me ‘oh I thought you just stick bees down the bottom of the garden and you forget them’, but it’s not like that at all; you can never learn enough about them.”

Sue Thompson from Wellington was on the same course and says she has not looked back: “Bees are so enchanting and so much about them that is fascinating; I just think they are amazing little creatures.

“The first time I spotted a queen bee which hadn’t get a dot on her was a fantastic feeling. There is so much to learn and there are lots of people at the club who are willing to share their knowledge.”

The Taunton Beekeepers’ course costs £95.00 and starts on February 22 with the first of six weekly classroom sessions. The second part of the course includes 12-apiary sessions giving participants the opportunity to handle bees and manage the hives under supervision.

There are still a few places available on this year’s course and for more information please contact Mike Dillon on T: 01823 669619 or mikedillonbees@gmail.com

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