Avoid a Halloween horror story by staying safe

Avoid a Halloween horror story by staying safe

Somerset County Council’s road safety team have issued some helpful tips to keep everyone safe on Halloween.

October 31st is an exciting day of the year for many children and lots of parents but this increase in night-time pedestrian activity can lead to a rise in road casualties due to the unfortunate combination of excited children, dark nights and busy roads.

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To try and ensure everyone stays safe and has a good time on Halloween the Council’s road safety team have put together some simple, helpful hints for both pedestrians and drivers/riders.

 If you’re planning on taking your little ones out trick or treating:

  • Remember that the clocks go back on the 28th October so it’s going to be getting darker a lot earlier in the evenings.
  • Be Safe Be Seen – consider adding something reflective to children’s costumes.
  • Take a torch or glow sticks with you but don’t shine the torch directly at motorists as it may dazzle them.
  • Always find a safe place to cross the road; somewhere where traffic can clearly see you and you can clearly see traffic approaching.
  • Use the Green Cross Code – stop, look and listen before you cross.
  • Make sure you check that traffic has stopped before crossing; even if you’re at a pedestrian crossing and the green man is showing.
  • Avoid distractions like mobile phones.
  • Try to make sure children’s costumes don’t impede their vision or could cause them to trip.

If you’re driving/riding on Halloween night: 

  • Remember there will be more pedestrians about and that unaccompanied children, caught up in the excitement of the night, may make rash decisions near the road.
  • Mind your speed especially in residential areas.
  • Use your lights and signal before manoeuvring so other road users can both see you and are forewarned of your manoeuvres.
  • Take extra care when driving/riding near pedestrian crossings.
  • Avoid distractions and keep your eyes on the road.
  • Be careful driving/riding past parked cars as children may try to cross between them.

Councillor John Woodman, Somerset County Council’s Cabinet Member for Highways, said: “I would hope everyone has a fun Halloween night and by following the simple tips put together by the council’s road safety team you can help make sure it’s a safe one for everyone too.”

For more information on road safety visit: www.somersetroadsafety.org

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