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Spotlight On: GEO – Giles Cosgrove 

Geo is, in a word, unique. Her sound takes elements from Funk, Folk, Jazz, Soul, R&B and Pop, but is impossible to categorise. The closest expression potentially is “Urban Soul” but even that doesn’t quite capture the layers and nuances in both her records and live performances.

Her lyrics capture the essence of life as a teenager in 2018 with such expression that it verges on poetry as supposed to music, framed against simmering basslines and trap-esque drum patterns. Geo’s story could have come straight from the silver screen, leaving school in Taunton and heading to London to chase her dreams of a career in music, she eventually performed across New York in the United States, all by the age of only 18.

With only a few singles released thus far, there’s palpable anticipation for the release of her full debut album “Aura” with her tracks making use of brass and strings, instruments that other young pop artists would discard as old hat, yet Geo’s arrangements in collaboration with various talented musicians, captures a sound that is intrinsically fresh.

Her voice is a highlight on each track. There’s bits of Aretha Franklin, Janis Joplin, and Amy Winehouse in her vocal tone, it’s a sound that it is both vintage and timeless, that classic voice.

Taking influences from both Alicia Keys and David Bowie, this is what Pop Music should sound like in 2018. It looks back upon all the decades of music that we’ve had to get to where we are today but is also incredibly modern and unique, it remains artistic and never feels manufactured.

No one is making music like this, and that’s what makes Geo such an exciting artist to listen too.

Find Her: Geo is available on Facebook, on her own website;, as well as on Instagram with her debut album “AURA” dropping soon.

Sounds like: Difficult to say, but Geo is the latest in the classic line of soulful female solo artists.

Image by Irven Lewis

Spotlight On: Stevie & The Masquerades – Giles Cosgrove

Consisting of the hugely talented Stevie Brown and the technical genius Matt Bond, Stevie & The Masquerades are a Taunton based New Wave band taking everything great about the 80’s and given it an injection of the future.

Formed accidentally in 2015, the group premiered their first single “HER” on The Sunday Alternative, before they toured the UK festival circuit garnering acclaim. After a long wait they finally released their highly anticipated debut EP titled “SALVAGE” at the tail end of 2017, before touring once again throughout 2018, highlighted by a performance of their track “666” for Balcony TV Exeter.

Now releasing a new single each month building to the release of their second EP, a concept record of soundscapes and love stories, their latest tracks “Under Your Skin” and “Wasted Love” are ready to stream on Spotify now as excitement for their next record builds.

There are few bands as creative and exciting as Stevie & The Masquerades on the UK Music Scene, a brilliant New Wave band with fantastic pop energy, a sense of the visceral and a perfect blend of modern and throwback sounds with steaming sensuality and passion injected into each track.

They are the darker side of pop.

Find Them: Stream all releases now on Spotify ahead of the release of their second EP.

Sounds like: The Smiths meets New Order inside the 1975

The Sunday Alternative
Image by Kat Shon

Spotlight On: October Drift – Giles Cosgrove 

There is no live experience like the wall of pure auditory energy that hits you when watching October Drift.

Born and raised in Taunton the band, Kiran Roy, Chris Holmes, Alex Bispham, and Daniel Young, formed in 2015 and have gone from strength to strength ever since, lauded with praise from the likes of Q Magazine and The Independent, emphasised by sets on The John Peel Stage at Glastonbury 2017 and the BBC Introducing Stage at Reading & Leads Festival 2018.

Listening to an October Drift EP is unique, with swirling distortion swamped guitars forming a sea through which the vessel of the vocals and drums thunder through. Moody indie lyrics accompany a passive aggression that in the wrong hands would turn people off but instead is the sound of October Drift.

It’s difficult to describe October Drift, their sound a melting pot of genres and bands, creating something so new and exciting that when they finally break in a big way you know they’ll need a shelf for the coming wave of awards. They prove originality and rock music are both thriving with a soundscape that is a visceral experience both recorded and live.

Find Them: Latest single “All Broken Down” is out now, with more being recorded as this goes to press, follow them on Spotify, Instagram, and Facebook. Previous EP’s available on Vinyl at events.

Sounds like: Nothing you’ve ever heard before. A perfect mix of shoegaze, indie and grunge.

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Image by Portia Saunders

Spotlight On: Last One Home – Giles Cosgrove 

Last One Home are the epitome of a rock band. Effortlessly cool with the perfect look, an edgy sound and each with a unique personality, Tom Westlake, Harry Lowndes and Phil Horler have tailor made a sound to get everyone from 8 – 88 rocking.

With their first self-titled EP released last year following break out single Bring Down the Storm, the band set out the template for their style, a perfect mix of aggressive playing, radio friendly melodies and lyrics telling tales of determination and the search for success.

Tom’s vocal delivery channels just enough aggression to make it known these lads mean business, his long fringe nodding back to the classic noughties Pop Punk scene whilst the guitar echoes with the likes of Green Day and the Foo Fighters.

Elsewhere Harry, with his knowing on-stage persona, provides a perfect bass line to combine with the guitar melody, the two sounding inseparable on each track.

Drummer Phil Horler is deserving of special mention, his skill and proficiency comes through on each track, a brilliant example found on House of Fire, but it’s his live solos that are truly awe inspiring and warrant the notion that he is possibly one of the best drummers around.

With enough swagger to rock Noah’s Ark each track is a blast of rock perfection, and there’s more to come with the band locked in the studio for an eternity working on new music to premier at an ever-increasing list of live dates across Somerset and beyond.

Find Them: Find them across social media and on Spotify, the band recently dropped a brand-new track “Land of Immortality” with a stunning music video. Go check it out.

Sounds like: A concoction of British and American Rock with a hint of Pop, resulting in a string of Head Banging anthems.

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Image by Zoe Barton
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