Tasha Fussell from Step Together

January 30, 2021

Listen again to Tasha Fussell from Step Together telling us about her Snowdonia Challenge.

I currently work for Second Step (Step Together) supporting clients with complex needs in Somerset. I have been engaging with clients who are homeless, but also on the verge of being homeless. I feel very passionate about the work our service do and I have been inspired to start a project throughout 2021. 

On the 13th of September 2021, I will be travelling to Snowdonia to reach the top of the Snowdon Mountain – Via the Miners track. Total climb: 723M (2, 372ft). This will be my solo challenge to raise funds for this rewarding project. 

The most severe and visible form of homelessness is rough sleeping.                               Official estimates show more than 4,000 people are sleeping rough in England a night. This is set to increase due to the financial pressures from the current pandemic. Many have been placed into temporary accommodation since the last lockdown, but there has also been a small rise of unaccounted street homeless throughout the UK. 

Current statistics on homelessness show – 

7% have served in the armed forces. 

33% of females have fled domestic violence and became homeless. 

45% have been diagnosed with a mental health condition. 

43% need support for substance misuse. 

12% have been in the care system. 

The money I raise through the challenging climb will fund a number of life-saving survivor packs for rough sleepers next winter. I know it won’t be possible to provide enough for everyone, but your donation will help me support as much of Somerset as possible. 

The survivor packs will include – 

  • Greggs coupon 
  • Warm socks, hat, and gloves. 
  • Toothpaste and brush. 
  • Re-usable water bottle. 
  • Cereal bars. 
  • Plasters 
  • Ear plugs 
  • Lip balm 
  • Wet wipes/Tissues 
  • Sanitary towels 
  • Local service information – Soup kitchens, Service support, Council offices, GP access, etc. 

I would also try to supply as many sleeping bags as possible to different agencies who do a fantastic job of monitoring the street counts. 

This is a big challenge, but ever so rewarding for the community. Any donation would be appreciated. 


Wish me luck!

Thanks Tasha 

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