Qi Gong with Andy Spragg

January 30, 2021

Listen again to Andy Spragg from the Sangha House telling us about the Qi Gong course available. It has been proven recently that this ancient Chinese art can assist with COVID recovery.

With rates of Covid infection still going up, and increasing numbers of people trying to recover from it, looking after our immune and respiratory health has never been more important. 

The ancient Chinese art of qi gong has been proven by a study from Wuhan University in China to help with recovery post-Covid, and Taunton has its own expert to teach you.

This Sunday, 31st January at 2pm The Sangha House, Taunton’s premier health and wellbeing centre, starts a four-week programme via Zoom, designed to help you do just that. 

Centre Director, Andy Spragg, has been practising tai chi and qi gong for over 30 years and teaching for over 20, and now leads four one-hour sessions of gentle movement focusing on the breath and how to strengthen the lungs.

No minimum level of fitness, expensive equipment or lots of space is required, and the exercises are easy to remember and fit into your everyday life – you don’t even need to do hours of practice every day.

The course cost is £30, which also includes a month’s subscription to the Sangha House’s huge variety of online classes. 


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