Event Title & Description

Enter your  Event Title and add an  Event Description.

The Event Title is the name that you want to give to the event and the Event Description is a short paragraph describing what the event is about.

These fields are both mandatory.

Upload Image

Click Choose File button to  submit an image for the event, this can be in  png,  jpeg  or  gif format.

Try to use an image that has some relevance to the event as this will attract more people to it.

The recommended image size is  818 x 300 pixels.

If you want a professional  design created feel free to contact Dexterous Designs  on 01823 270 000

Event Time & Date

If the event is an all day event  simply  click the checkbox.

Enter  the start date and time, and the end date and time  by clicking on the date field and selecting your date from the calendar pop-up.

Lastly enter the events start & end times via the drop down boxes.

Organiser Details

If you have previously added an event then your Organiser name will be saved in the system. Simply scroll through the Saved Organiser list to find your name. If this is your organisations first event you will have to enter the details below.

Enter the Phone Number, Website and Email address of the Organiser. If multiple organisers are involved, click the “Add Another Organiser” button and repeat the process.

If you wish to reorder the Organisers then you can click and hold on the 4 small squares icon in the top left and drag them to the correct positions. If you wish to delete an Organiser then click the bin icon on the person you wish to remove.

Event Cost

The final step is to add the Event Cost

Simply enter the cost of the event and click Submit Event…. that’s it!

Once submitted, our admin team will take a look and if everything is completed correctly it should be on the calendar in 1 or 2 working days. We may contact you if we need further information.





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