Buy a hot tub in 2021

buy a hot tub in 2021

Hot tubs were once a treat you accessed on a spa day, but over the last few years the industry has developed a range of products perfect for the home. 

Coronavirus lockdowns and restrictions have kept most people at home during the last twelve months, with many looking for new ways to improve their health, relax and pass the time – a trend that has seen a flood of hot tub purchases.

buy a hot tub

Hot tubs offer a great way to relax, add value to your home and have health benefits for both the body and the mind.

Submersing yourself in warm water improves blood circulation and helps to open the skin’s pores, cleansing by allowing toxins and impurities to be released. It can also help reduce high blood pressure and can relieve aches and pains. 

Buy a hot tub – the top 10 list of things to consider

  • What is your reason for buying one?

Hot tubs come in many shapes and sizes with different features depending on their intended use. Thinking about why you are buying one will narrow down your search for suppliers and models – some of the following may help with that.

  • Who will be using it?

If you want it to relax with the family then you will need a large size but that won’t be necessary if you are looking for something more intimate to relax and escape the days anxieties 

  • Space

Consider the amount of space you have and weigh it up with the size of tub you are looking for. 

  • Do you have any therapeutic needs?

If you are looking to relieve pain, then be careful to choose a tub fitted with powerful jets that will target the muscles and joints that need treating.

  • Budget

There are hot tubs on the market now to cater for all budgets, big or small, but remember to budget for its running costs – water treatment, filters, maintenance and the cost of filling it if you are on a water meter.

  • Look for something that will last

Buying a hot tub is a great investment and should give you years of service. Look for something that is well made, using good quality materials. Buy from a reputable dealer who can give you a manufacturer backed guarantee. 

  • Go for the style you like

Hot tubs now come in varied designs from the traditional to the modern, more sophisticated. Take your time to find something that will complement its surroundings, as you would with any other home décor.

  • Think safety

A properly maintained hot tub will be safe to use. Make sure it is installed by a qualified electrician and that the electrical installation and plumbing comply with current regulations.

  • Water care

The water care options vary between hot tubs. Before you buy, take the time to learn what system the hot tub uses and what products and maintenance it needs, so you know it suits your ongoing budget.

  • Energy efficiency

To make your hot tub as energy efficient as possible make sure the shell and plumbing have effective insulation. Foam insulation around the shell and a custom-fit cover are essential for holding in the heat and keeping out the cold.

Buy a hot tub in 2021

There really is something for everyone in the modern hot tub ranges – happy hot tubbing!

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