How much advertising can you get for £95, a small box containing a few words in a local newspaper perhaps or maybe a load of ‘click-through’ ads online, which are clicked on by your competitors to run down your credit!

So why not promote your business on the radio! It’s far more exciting and a lot more cost effective than you think!

Tone FM have launched the Bitesize Bundle which means, that £95 will now give you:

  • *Your very own 30 second commercial played no less than 5 times a day on rotation including the breakfast & drive-time shows!
  • *FREE production on your first commercial
  • *And all of this for ONLY £95 per month on a 3 month package!

We have a limited number of spots available for this fantastic offer. Contact us now using the form below OR call 01823 28 66 88 to book your place!

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